Foundation Mesh

Foundation mesh

Foundation Mesh are reinforced mesh panels, reduced in size, designed to replace the standard rebar applications for concrete wall foundations in the residential and light industrial sectors. It is easy to transport and handle on-site, quick to install, thus offering significant time savings and value for money.

So basically foundation mesh is the simplest and most effective way to replace the mass weight and technicality that rebar adds to foundations.

The panels vary in size from 300mm to 400mm wide and 3m long. The main wires consist of either Y10 or Y12mm high tensile wires (minimum 485Mpa) spaced at 100mm, and Y5.6mm high tensile cross wires at 300mm, that, after being bent and stacked on top of each other, offers the required lateral support at the top and bottom.

Foundation Mesh is the unique “brain child” of Vulcania Reinforcing.