Industrial Mesh

Design mesh

Industrial mesh is manufactured in standard sheets sizes of 1200mm x 2400mm (2.4m x 1.2m), available in galvanised wire and black high tensile cold drawn smooth wires. The decision whether to use mesh instead of loose bars is largely dependent on the shape of the precast unit.

Industrial mesh offers a wide variety of uses, covering everything from the average household to heavy industry.

Mostly used in:
  • •   Cable Trays
  • •   Garden Protection
  • •   Display Work
  • •   Storage Lockers
  • •   Enclosures

Typical applictions:
  • Enclosures, Partitioning, window guards, machine guards, ventilator guards, shelving, racing safety barriers, security cages, fire guards, fan guards, stairways, balustrade, catwalks, poultry pens, animal pens and cages, grading screens, crates for packing and material handling, pallets

•   Available in black or galvanised.
•   Standard sheet: Non-standard sizes on request