Reinforced Bars

Reinforced bars

A rebar (short for reinforcing bar), also known as reinforcing steel bar, is a steel bar, and is commonly used as a tensioning device in reinforced concrete and other reinforced masonry structures. Rebar holds the concrete in place and prevents many buildings from collapsing.

Vulcania Reinforcing offers a range of threaded and non threaded rebars and accessories exclusive to Vulcania Reinforcing. Accessories such as A rebar spacer which is a device that secures the reinforcing steel or "rebar" in reinforced concrete structures as the rebar is assembled in place prior to the final concrete pour. The spacers are left in place for the pour to keep the reinforcing in place, and become a permanent part of the structure.

Reinforcing bars is ideal for all sorts of uses on site such as joining & connecting rebars, slab penetrations, ground stabilisation & rock bolting.

Vulcania Reinforcing offers the best quality reinforcing bars at the best price to any industry.
Vulcania Reinforcing prides itself with a 3 day lead time when delivering reinforced bars.