Reinforced Bar - High Tensile Steel (Y-Bar)

High tensile steel

Vulcania Reinforcing offers the most comprehensive range of products, services and reinforcing solutions available in South Africa. Vulcania Reinforcing not only offers the strongest and highest quality reinforcing but it also offers a team of well trained Fixers who can be sent to the site and “fix” the steel into position.

Vulcania Reinforcing has released the new Rebar–Remedies service, where a customer with past or present rebar problems can call Vulcania reinforcing whom will give your company the latest innovations to deliver your next reinforced concrete project quicker and more cost effectively.

Vulcania Reinforcing’s team of Engineers and Project Managers are constantly exposed to new and innovative construction solutions and can add substantial value by identifying opportunities for improvement and potential for savings during the design phase of any construction project.

Vulcania Reinforcing can provide assistance in relation to solving reinforcing-related construction issues, and application issues such as correct bending/rebending techniques and welding reinforcement.

High tensile steel has at least ten times the tensile strength of wood, and more than twice that of mild steel. The toughness of metals is generally reduced by the process of increasing their tensile strengths.

Vulcania Reinforcing prides itself in the quality of its reinforced bars. The trucks are constantly moving in and out of the rebar plant.

Product uses and features:
  • •   Can be supplied in straight lengths or bent to a bending schedule.
  • •   Teams of fixers can be sent to site to "fix" steel in position.

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