Reinforced Bars - Mild Tensile Steel (R-Bar)

Mild tensile steel

Mild steel is a type of steel alloy, that contains a high amount of carbon as a major constituent. An alloy is a mixture of metals and non-metals, designed to have specific properties. Alloys make it possible to compensate for the shortcomings of a pure metal by adding other elements.

Product Uses and features:
  • •   A high amount of carbon makes mild steel different from other types of steel. Carbon makes mild steel stronger and stiffer than other type of steel. However, the hardness comes at the price of a decrease in the ductility of this alloy. Carbon atoms get affixed in the interstitial sites of the iron lattice and make it stronger.
  • •   The calculated average industry grade mild steel density is 7.85 gm/cm3. Its Young's modulus, which is a measure of its stiffness is around 210,000 Mpa.
  • •   Mild steel is the cheapest and most versatile form of steel and serves every application which requires a bulk amount of steel.

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