Welcome to our Website

Welcome to Vulcania Reinforcing’s official website, where one can see the true power behind the Big Red V. Vulcania Reinforcing’s website will offer you as our customer the latest and up to date news on products, special service as well as a hands on and easy way to contact our excellent sales executives so that you can see the true meaning of perfect service along with outstanding quality products such as Reinforced mesh, Reinforced Bars, Brick mesh and other related wire products.

The special element behind Vulcania Reinforcing’s products and services can be seen through the Big V branding – through our experience of continuously being the best Reinforcing Company in the industry, our Big V brand has supplied our customer with a sense of security as well as a sense of doing business correctly, not in the future but right now!

Some of our customers have asked us if our Vulcania Reinforcing V-trucks could deliver their future wive's engagement rings. This is due to our speed of delivery and superiority in understanding safety, quality, timeliness and the need of customer orders being treated like they are our own.

E-mail: info@vulcania.co.za