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Specimesh is a customisable mesh that fit to your custom requirements. At least as far as the parameters will allow. Available in black, lightly or heavy galvanised or stainless steel finishes and in a wide range of aperture and wire diameters. Sheet sizes can differ according to your requirements and can even be rolls.

The Uses

Being a custom mesh, Specimesh has many uses for both commercial and private projects. Though we could write a long list of the applications for this highly versatile product, we wanted to share just 6 possible uses. Perhaps even giving you some inspiration for your own project.

Specimesh has no sharp edges as they flush cut all round and the intersections are welded to form an integral welded mesh panel. The idea is to give you a safe to use product that is easy to install,

Vulcania Reinforcing - Specimesh Machinery


Partitions are used as non-load-bearing divisions within a building. Typically attached to the floor and ceiling joists. Mesh can be used to give more stability to the partition.

Machine Guards / Screens

Guards and/or screens on machinery are there for safety. They are designed to provide better protection to the machine operator in case of a malfunction. Mesh is a strong and durable fit for the job.

Display Stands, Bins & Shelving

As mentioned above, mesh is a durable material that can withstand the elements. Using mesh for outdoor and indoor display stands and shelving will give you a wide range of customisable options. And something that will last for years.

Ultra-thin Pavement Reinforcing

I really enjoy doing work in the garden. Sometimes it means laying down a new pathway in the veggie garden or throughout the ornamental garden. Mesh can be used as reinforcing in pathways and pavements that will provide a more sound structure. Consider this option for any landscaping projects.


A balustrade is something we actually see on a regular basis. The purpose of a balustrade is to act as a barrier to prevent falling such as on balconies or staircases. Mesh is a great material to consider as it is a reliable material while having a lovely industrial flair.

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